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Silica sand drying

For silica sand products, especially high purity silica sand, water needs to be completely removed, generally through the drying process, the water content will be reduced to 0.5% or so, to meet the production specification. Sinonine designed the best drying solution according to the characteristics of silica sand products. In production practice, stainless steel drying equipment is often used to optimize the drying heat source and avoid iron pollution. At the same time, strengthen the monitoring and testing of drying system, to improve energy efficiency and minimize production line operating costs. The whole drying system guarantees the drying effect. The reasonable structure dryer is adopted to make the material fully in contact with the heat source. Through the system design, the reasonable flow of material and air flow is guaranteed to achieve the best drying effect.
sand dryer
1. High production efficiency and large-scale production can be realized;
2. Flexible replacement of heat source, free choice of heat source according to local fuel condition;
3. Stainless steel design, effectively avoid iron pollution;
4. Set up a effective dust removal system to meet the environmental protection standards;
5. High degree of automation of production line, saving manpower.
The technical process
The water-bearing silica sand is fed into the rotary dryer by a belt conveyor, at the same time, the hot air provided by the heat source enters the dryer. The sand can be fully dried in the dryer. The hot air and water vapor are drawn out of the dryer by the induced draft fan, dust and water vapor are purified by dust removal operation. The dried silica sand is discharged from the outlet through the spiral of the dryer, and enters the finished product warehouse after natural cooling by the belt conveyor.
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The drying system provided by Sinonine has a very good performance and high efficiency in drying quartz sand. Sinonine is very familiar with the drying process of quartz sand, especially in avoiding iron pollution to the quartz sand, which makes it very convenient for me to use the machine and ensures the production efficiency and quality.My drying system has low energy consumption, large capacity and good operation.

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