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Hydraulic classifier


Hydraulic classifier is a kind classification equipment according to different particle sizes , this equipment is widely applied in the field of silica sand processing, to classify the mixture of silica sand, has the advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption, no noise. Through continuous optimization and improvement, our company is of leading level at the control system, classification efficiency and noise control.
hydraulic classifier

Features and technology advantages of hydraulic classifier
1. High separation efficiency and low energy consumption;
2. The material is subjected to the action of rising water flow and its own gravity in the tank, which achieves the effect of particle size classification and will not consume any electricity ;

3. Equipped with automatic control system, which is relatively simple and easy to control when adjusting operating parameters.


Working principle of hydraulic classifier
The whole hydraulic classifier is circular, the main body is composed of upper cylinder and lower cone cylinder.The slurry is piped vertically from the center of the coarse grading chamber to the distributor plates at the bottom of the coarse grading chamber.The rising water enters the coarse grain grading chamber through a circular gap between the distribution plates and the coarse grain grading chamber wall, the coarse grain classification is realized in the turbulent zone formed in the lower part of the coarse grading chamber.. The fine grain classification chamber classifies fine and ultrafine minerals by fluidized bed technology. Ultrafine minerals are moved into the annular overflow tank surrounding the fine grain grading chamber and discharged.
1675651309(1).jpgSpecification of hydraulic classifier

Model Input size (mm) Classification range (mm) Capacity (t/h) Water consumption (m³/h) Weight (t)
JSF1200<5 0.4-0.03 3-8 10-18 0.9
JSF 1500<5 0.4-0.03 8-12 15-22 1.3
JSF 1800<5 0.4-0.03 10-17 20-33 1.8
JSF 2100<5 0.4-0.03 15-22 30-42 2.6
JSF 2400<5 0.4-0.03 20-26 40-64 3.4
JSF 3000<5 0.4-0.03 25-42 50-86 4.5

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We are the first and only company in China that can provide the turnkey project service- EPC service for quartz/silica sand processing plant. We can provide quartz/silica sand production equipment with high cost-effective. We have many silica sand production operating around the world including 46 manufacturers of quartz/silica sand, 12 glass manufacturers, 6 traders, 16 engineering companies and more than 22 construction companies.

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The Hydraulic classifier fabricated by Sinonine is comparable to that of the world first class. With the support of strong technical capability and equipment manufacturing capability, Sinonine designs the Hydraulic classifier very perfectly. I compared the same type of grading equipment used before. The Hydraulic classifier of Sinonine has been improved in many details, making the equipment more convenient to use. Moreover, there is no energy consumption, and it is fully automatic control, saving the operation cost. The machine has heavy and strong structure, stable operation and low overall cost, which is my ideal choice.

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