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Silica sand classifying


Different application fields need silica sand products with different particle size range in silica sand processing and sand washing plant. Accurate classifying process is an important part to ensure the quality of silica sand. In the actual production process, hydraulic classifier, trommel screen and hindered settling machine are often used to control the particle size of the product, to classify the silica sand to the required particle size range, and at the same time to improve the product yield and reduce the loss rate of the finished product.The silica sand classifying system designed by Sinonine adopts the world's most advanced classifying equipment, which can realize the stepless adjustment of silica sand particle size classifying and automatic production. It is the classifying system with the highest efficiency, productivity and automation in the industry.
silica sand sizing flowsheet

1. High production efficiency and large-scale production can be realized;
2. Accurate particle size control;
3. High yield rate and low loss rate of finished products;
4. High degree of automation;
5. Low energy consumption and low production cost.
6. No noise pollution in the production process
The technical process
Silica sand slurry enters the hindered settling classifier through the slurry pump for preliminary coarse particle control, coarse particle sand enters the trommel screen to further separate the sand with upper limit of particle size, the sand slurry discharged from the hindered settling classifier and trommel screen enters the hydraulic classifier for fine particle classifying, to classify the sand in the required particle size range.The number of classifiers can be arranged flexibly to realize the classification of multi-stage of particle size.

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The silica sand production line designed and manufactured by SINONINE has been running for more than 2 years. The production situation is very good and the equipment price is very affordable, which saves me a lot of investment. The production efficiency of this production line is also high, the silica sand product index is very good, the quality of my silica sand product sells very well in the local area, I plan to expand the production capacity in the near future.

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