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Conditioning tank


Conditioning Tank is suitable in industries to wet agitate slurry materials, allowing ore particles to suspend and to fully contact with reagent before being mixed evenly and creating conditions for separating operation.It is widely used in flotation process of metal and nonmetal minerals.
conditioning tank

Features and technology advantages of conditioning tank

1.Small power consumption, big stirring intensity and good blending effect.
2.The impeller is above the ore pulp sedimentation zone, which is light for starting, so it has a small starting power in order to relieve operators’ labor intensity in a large extend.
3.Simple structure, large effective volume .
4.Low blade cycle speed and long service life.
5.The relevant location between feeding, discharge and the electrical machine can be arranged differently according to users’ requirements.

Working principle  of conditioning tank
When the impeller moves in the clockwise direction (seeing from the top to down), one zone of negative pressure generates underneath the blade. The ore pulp, medicament and air which are delivered by the feeding pipe are simultaneously absorbed and move downward, they are blended fully by the impeller and then are pushed outside by the blade, which flows upward along with the external wall of cycling pump. Since new ore pulp is fed in constantly, and the qualified ore pulp through stirring and blending comes out from the mine mouth constantly, and the stirring and blending operation is done.
Conditioning tank
Specification  of conditioning tank

Model Internal diameter (mm) Internal Height (mm) Volume (m3) Power
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Weight (t)
XB500 500 500 0.1 1.1 600×570×960 0.25
XB750 750 750 0.33 1.5 1140×880×1250 0.5
XB1000 1000 1000 0.79 1.5-2.2 1300×1130×1600 0.8
XB1200 1200 1200 1.4 3-4 1750×1480×1930 1.1
XB1500 1500 1500 2.7 5.5-7.5 2150×1640×2350 1.2
XB2000 2000 2000 6.3 5.5-7.5 2650×2200×2850 1.6
XB2500 2500 2500 12 11-15 2860×2600×3680 3.5
XB3000 3000 3000 21 18.5-22 3610×3220×4250 4.6
XB3500 3500 3500 34 22-30 3940×3770×5090 7.3
XB4000 4000 4000 50 30-37 4530×3360×5300 10

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The slurry conditioning tank produced by Sinonine is the right choice for me. Although it is an auxiliary equipment, it plays a key role in the production process. From the perspective of production practice, these conditioning tanks provided by Sinonine can fully mix the chemical and ore slurry, especially for the production of high-purity quartz sand, which is very important and can play a decisive role in the next step of flotation, impurity removal and purification.

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