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Industry offering

Sinonine can provide one stop solution for setting up quartz/silica sand processing plant, the EPC turnkey project services for quartz/silica sand production enterprises cover the technical consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacture, installation and commissioning, project management. We will provide customers with efficient, safe and economical quartz/silica sand processing solution, Sinonine products and services focus on the following areas.

Glass industry

Quartz sand can be processed into the raw materials for making glass, suitable for flat glass, float glass, glass products (glass cans, glass bottles, glass tubes, etc.), optical glass, glass fiber, glass instruments, conductive glass, glass cloth and anti-ray special glass,.etc...
Ceramics and refractories
Quartz sand is processed into the glaze for porcelain, as well as the raw materials of high silicon brick, ordinary silicon brick and silicon carbide for kiln.
Metallurgical industry
Quartz sand can be processed into the raw materials or additives, flux for producing silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy and silicon-aluminum alloy.
Machinery and foundry industries
Process quartz sand into the raw materials for foundry and abrasive materials (sand blasting, hard abrasive paper, sandpaper, abrasive cloth, etc.)
Water treatment industry
Quartz/silica sand can be processed into silica sand filtering medium, which is an important consumption material in water treatment industry.
Oil industry
Quartz sand can be processed into petroleum fracturing sand and used as petroleum proppant.
Construction industry
By sand making Quartz stone can be processed into the raw materials for building concrete, cement, road construction, artificial marble, cement standard sand .
Chemical industry
Quartz sand can be processed into the suitable raw materials for producing silicon compounds, sodium silicate , sulfuric acid tower filler, amorphous silica powder.
Electronics industry
High purity quartz sand is produced for making high purity metallic silicon and optical fiber for communication.
Filler industry
Quartz sand can be processed into fillers for rubber, plastic and paint to increase wear resistance, acid resistance.
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