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Silica sand processing EPC

Sinonine is currently the first and only company in China that provides quartz/silica sand production line EPC service. We commit to developing quartz/silica sand production business together with our customers. Through one-stop solution of quartz/silica sand production line turnkey project service, we ensure the smooth operation of customers' quartz/silica sand processing plant. We will provide efficient, scientific and economic services for customers, safeguard customers' investment and income, and develop and progress together with customers. Sinonine's quartz/sllican sand processing EPC services cover the following aspects.

Engineering technical consultation

Engineering and technical consultation gives the customers an overall picture of their project. We will arrange the experienced quartz/silica sand production experts, according to the customer’s situation of quartz/silica sand material, to determine the development direction of raw materials, to provide economic benefit analysis, to conduct a comprehensive analysis on investment in the project scale and returns, to offer scientific guidance for future investment plans.
Beneficiation test
Before the project starts, we will help customers to analyze and test quartz/silica sand raw materials. Representative samples provided by customers will be tested and explored in the quartz sand processing laboratory. The direction and technological process of quartz/silica sand processing shanll be determined through the test, and the test report shall be compiled to provide scientific basis for the practice construction of the production line.
Engineering design
We will provide all the engineering design, according to the requirements of the production line and customer site conditions, organize various professional and technical personnel to participate in the overall engineering design work. The design content covers technical process, general drawing, electrical, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimation, economic benefits and so on.
Equipment manufacturing
We can provide a full set of quartz/silica sand processing equipment manufacturing, including the main equipment and all auxiliary non-standard equipment designed and produced by our company. Our engineers and technicians will fully participate in the whole process of equipment manufacturing, manufacturing equipment in strict accordance with the design standards, to ensure that the equipment produced well serve the construction of the production line.
Equipment packaging and delivery
We will organize the packaging and delivery of the equipment according to the local conditions of the project. We will disassemble the equipment in a reasonable way, and then adopt the appropriate packaging method according to the characteristics of individual goods. We have rich experience in cargo transportation. We will send the equipment to the project location through automobile transportation, railway, sea transportation and other means to ensure the safety and timely arrival of the goods at the project site.
Installation and commissioning
We will send experienced technicians to the construction site to guide production line installation and commissioning work. These technicians will be selected from the technical team that is fully involved in the design of the production line. They have rich experience and are very familiar with the structure, performance and use of the equipment, which can quickly solve the technical problems arising in the construction process.
Technical personnel training
During the installation and commissioning of the production line, we will focus on the technical training of the workers for the customer. Through on-site technical personnel training, the production line of the customer can be put into production as soon as possible to generate benefits. Meanwhile, the technical team can be trained for the customer to provide manpower guarantee for the normal operation of the production line.
After-sales service
We will be always responsible for our customers, and continue to provide customers with after-sales technical support, any problems in the production line can be effectively solved. For the equipment we provide, we provide quality assurance and we are responsible for any equipment problems.

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