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Therefore, most of the colored quartz sands we see on the market are artificially dyed.


ICP detection technology is an important support and component of high purity quartz technology, which has not only practical significance but also theoretical significance to promote the development of high purity quartz technology in China


It is necessary to strengthen the mineralogy, petrology and mineralogy of high-purity quartz mineral resources, focus on the process mineralogy characteristics of raw materials, such as chemical composition, useful minerals (quartz), harmful


The processing technology of high-purity quartz sand mainly includes classification, scrubbing, chemical acid leaching, flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation, chlorination roasting and microbial leaching.


Ultra white glass is a kind of ultra transparent glass, also known as low iron glass, colorless glass, high transparent glass, etc.


In order to improve the efficiency of iron removal, the magnetic separation of quartz sand with particle size of more than 60 mesh and less than 180 mesh is strengthened, which can effectively reduce the content of iron impurities in quartz


The main quality indexes of transparent quartz glass are purity and bubbles, which require quartz sand to have very low impurity and gas content.


The main method to remove crystal lattice impurities of quartz sand is chlorination roasting process


In the raw quartz sand, the pure quartz sand is white or milky white, and the color of iron bearing impurities or gangue minerals is yellowish, light yellow or light brown and gray. The color difference between quartz sand and iron bearing i


The main drying machines of quartz sand are rotary dryer, hot air convection dryer, fluidized bed dryer, infrared dryer and microwave dryer.


Acid flotation method is the main separation method of feldspar and quartz flotation, which is about pH = 2 -3, using mixed collector of cation and anion to float feldspar preferentially.


With the continuous popularization and application of vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator in glass sand washing plant and feldspar beneficiation, as well as the deepening development of pickling, flotation and other technologies,


The hindered settling hydraulic classifier is used to grade coarse-grained minerals (0.71mm) and has achieved good results in the application of sand washing plant.


The following is the quartz sand pickling wastewater treatment scheme mastered by Sinonine, which has achieved good results.


Dewatering screen can play a great role in the dry discharge of tailings in the concentrator.


Quartz sand filter media is used to intercept particles such as colloid of suspended substances in water. Drinking water and sewage flow through quartz sand layer.


The methods of removing film iron from silica sand mainly include scrubbing, ultrasonic and pickling.


Refractory material is mainly composed of quartz sand, which is a necessary material for various induction furnace lining used in metal smelting.


In the sand washing plant, quartz sand tailings include the waste residue in quartz mining, tailings and tailings mud in the process of processing, of which the tailings account for the vast majority.


Dewatering is very important for quartz sand plant. Dewatering is an important part of sand washing plant.

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