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Desliming Cone plays an important role in sand washing plant

In sand washing plant, desliming cone will be arranged in each process stage, so what is the function of desliming cone? Why is desliming cone so important in sand washing plant?
desliming cone
The desliming cone is an inverted cone. A feeding pipe is arranged in the center of the liquid level, and the bottom edge of the cone is submerged in certain depth below the liquid level. The slurry is fed into the central pipe along the tangential direction and flows out from the bottom edge after buffering. The effluent slurry flows out radially along the peripheral overflow weir. In this process, the coarse particle materials with the sedimentation velocity greater than the rising velocity of liquid flow are deposited in the cone and discharged through the bottom. Fine particles with the slurry enter into the overflow tank and are discharged.
sand washing plant
The important role of desliming cone in sand washing plant is reflected in the following points
The desliming cone can discharge most of the soil impurities in the quartz sand through the overflow port. Because the proportion of soil impurities is light, it can be discharged with the overflow water, so as to further clean the quartz sand.
2.Evenly feeding pulp to sand washing machine
The desliming cone is usually arranged above the hydraulic classifier, hindered settling classifier, magnetic separator, attrition scrubber and other equipment to regulate the concentration of quartz sand slurry and feed evenly. Continuous and uniform feeding is very important for these sand washing equipment, which can obtain a stable working condition and obtain the best working effect.

desliming cone
3.Concentration and dewatering
The desliming cone is often arranged in the dewatering stage of quartz sand concentrate, which can quickly concentrate the pulp with concentration of 30% to 60%, quickly recover water, reduce the work load of subsequent dewatering equipment, and improve the dewatering efficiency.
Desliming cone is a simple and unpowered equipment with low cost, low energy consumption and powerful function. Therefore, it is often used in sand washing plants and is an irreplaceable important equipment.

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