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50,000tpa sand flotation washing plant in Pakistan

The raw materials of this flotation sand washing plant project are classified silica sand, which need to be further purified to obtain high-quality silica sand.
spiral sand washing machine
Through experiment and research, sinonine puts forward the flotation solution, and use Sinonine's efficient reagents made by our technician team independently combined with flotation cells and attrition scrubber, to obtain high purity silica sand. The silica sand is dewatered and of reagent removal by spiral sand washing machine, and finally high purity silica sand product is obtained.
sand flotation washing plant
Considering the limitations of the project site and space, the production line has a very compact layout, which overcomes many technical difficulties and finally makes the project proceed smoothly.At present, the price of the high purity silica sand obtained through flotation of the production line is increased by 40%, and the investment accounts for less than 10%. The rate of return on investment  is very ideal.

Sinonine quartz/silica sand equipment is first-class, a small set of quartz sand production line has solved me many problems, they not only provide high quality equipment, also provides a great help in the subsequent production. Special flotation agent is the core technology, they unreservedly give us the technical details, to help us produce high purity quartz sand products.

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